Organizing my Home, Again, Still

I totally didn’t clean my baseboards yesterday like Money Saving Mom assigned. Today’s unique tasks were cleaning doorknobs and culling and organizing my dresser drawers. I recently realized that I’ve done a good job of getting rid of old clothes in my closet, but I haven’t done the same in my dresser lately. Good call, MSM!

Since taking before and after pictures of wiping doorknobs isn’t exciting, I present you with a picture of all the doorknobs in my house. This is just one side of the doorknobs, although two of these are on closets and don’t have a knob on the other side. Also, I didn’t get the screen doors.

That’s not very many doorknobs. This part didn’t take long.

It wasn’t tough to find seven things to trash or give away while cleaning my dresser. Some clothes I never wear, a hairband I love but hurts my head, and socks. These are oddball socks from my husband, actually. I’ve started keeping them around for a while in case the other one appears, but these have been in my drawer long enough that I’ve lost hope for the other sock. Also, they’re mostly cheap, old socks he rarely would wear, anyway.

Now I need to actually give away the box of things I’ve been collecting the last few weeks.

How’s your home organization going? What inspires you to organize?

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