Gross Bathroom Crud

Since we moved, we’ve had a problem in our bathroom. It’s an old house, and our bathroom doesn’t have a vent, which means we have mildew grow in there. On the shower curtain and under the plastic mat in the tub, in particular. This bothers my husband greatly, and even I think it’s kinda gross. I’ve tried scrubbing it off, which works temporarily. I’ve used mildew cleaner, which barely works. You know what works? Bleach. Yep, put some in a spray bottle with some water and spray down the grossness. Do it before an adult takes a shower rather than before a child takes a bath, since bleach isn’t good for kids to bathe in. Boom, clean. Sure, it’s a chemically thing, but it’ll make a cool reaction in the sewer system with all that vinegar that other bloggers are using, since vinegar (known to scientists as acetic acid, which sounds chemically to me) is apparently the wonder child of bloggers everywhere.

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